Brief overviews of each facet in the Aavegotchi Diamond.

Information in louper.dev

Information about facets of the AavegotchiDiamond can be seen in louper.dev, a user interface for diamonds.


Implements the ERC721 standard. Handles logic related to claiming Aavegotchis, updating traits, increasing kinship, and locking Aavegotchis for resale.


Handles logic related to Aavegotchis' collateral stakes, including increasing, decreasing, and burning Aavegotchis to return all stake to the owner.


Handles logic and functions intended to be managed and called by the AavegotchiDAO, including adding new whitelisted collaterals, creating new Haunts (Aavegotchi generations), creating and minting new items and sets, and granting experience to Aavegotchis.


Implements the ERC1155 standard. Handles all logic related to equipping, consuming, and transferring items. Items come in three types: wearables, badges, and consumables.


Handles all logic related to buying Portals, converting vouchers into Wearables, and purchasing items using GHST token.


Handles all logic related to rendering Aavegotchi SVGs using onchain metadata.


Implements the Chainlink VRF functionality and updates Aavegotchi state variables when completed. The function to open portals is also in this facet.

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