Documentation for VRFFacet.sol

function drawRandomNumber() external

‌Draws a random number for the current batchId.

function vrfInfo() external

‌Returns various information about the current VRF batch.

function openPortals(uint256[]) external

Starts VRF for portals to open them. ‌Sets the status of the given Portals to STATUS_VRF_PENDING.

function rawFulfillRandomness(bytes32, uint256) external

‌Sets the random number generated by Chainlink VRG for each portal. Only callable by the VRFCoordinator. Sets the status of a portal to STATUS_VRF_OPEN.

function changeVRFFee(uint256, bytes32) external

‌Change the fee amount that is paid for VRF random numbers.

function removeLinkTokens(address, uint256) external

Remove the LINK tokens from this contract that are used to pay for VRF random number fees.